A Word from Our Founder

Welcome to Presidential Women’s Center

Mona Reis - Presidential Women's Center in West Palm Beach, FloridaI would like to introduce you to our Center where we provide the very best medical care in a warm and inviting environment. We are committed to giving our patients the same care that we would give our own family and friends. We have worked hard to create a nurturing, caring and helpful environment to support our patients. From our nurses and counselors to our Physicians, we listen to our patients and work together to ensure that we provide a respectful experience, offering a warm smile, supportive hug and the assurance that we will help them through this challenging time.

Our patients often share with us that being heard and cared for by our Center is an experience that has empowered them in other aspects of their lives. Many express they wish that all medical offices provided the same holistic approach. First listening to the patient, asking her about her needs, and then working together on a plan to meet those needs.

Our commitment to our patients comes from the knowledge that access to reproductive healthcare can open up so many options for women and is deeply important to women’s equality in every other realm of their lives. I founded Presidential Women’s Center in 1980 because I know that the right to safe, accessible abortion care is fundamental to women’s basic human rights and her future.

Our motto, “Women helping Women”, is a value that guides everything we do. Many of our employees have also been patients of our center and approach their work with a deep understanding of the need for personalized care with sensitivity and compassion. In fact many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years! We are proud of our commitment to mentor our staff, who over the years have continued their education, becoming Physicians, Attorneys, Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, as well as earning advanced degrees in Women’s Studies, and Healthcare Management. It has been so inspiring to know that our supportive work environment, along with their dedication to self-empowerment, fostered this growth, personal and professional development.

My involvement in the movement for reproductive rights began over four decades ago. Growing up in the 60s I knew women who had to travel overseas or to other countries to have abortions. Those who couldn’t afford the expense of travel, risked their lives being blindfolded on a street corner and taken to a secret location to have an abortion that may not have even be performed by a doctor. Nowadays it seems unthinkable that one should have to risk their lives to receive basic medical services.

These experiences motivated me in the late 60’s and early 70’s to lobby for legalized abortion in Washington, DC and our hard work paid off on January 22, 1973, when the US Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade that a woman’s right to access abortion services was protected as a fundamental constitutional right. This landmark decision changed everything for women in our country, giving women the legal right to medical services that could literally save their lives.

In those early days of legalized abortion, women of Palm Beach County would travel to Miami to access services. Just out of college, I was proud to be a part of the team who provided this service to women who so desperately needed abortion care. My role in those days was to counsel and support women seeking abortions. As the years went on, I continued to counsel women in need of abortion services in Palm Beach County who would then travel to Miami for services. All along, my vision was of a day when women in our community could access abortion care close to home in an environment of respect and dignity. This vision culminated in the founding of Presidential Women’s Center, a Center that continues to provide exceptional care to women seeking abortion care and other reproductive health services.

As we look to the future, it is deeply important to us that our patients continue to receive the care and respect that they so deserve. To do this, we must continue to be politically engaged and to challenge egregious and unjust laws that threaten a woman’s fundamental right to access to abortion services. I am proud of our history at Presidential Women’s Center of taking the lead in fighting court battles for the last four decades. There continues to be tremendous challenges across the country and here in Florida, as anti-choice politicians pass unconscionable laws.

It has never been more important to get involved and take action to make sure that abortion services remain legal and accessible for all. As you learn more about what is at stake, we invite you to become engaged in this important movement for equality and justice. If you have questions or are in need of our services, we would be honored to support you during this time.


Mona S. Reis
Presidential Women’s Center