A first trimester abortion procedure occurs from 5 to 12 weeks of your last menstrual period (LMP), and can be provided in just one office visit.

A first trimester abortion will be a VERY SAFE surgical procedure with anesthesia. Depending on the length of pregnancy, the procedure takes between 3 and 10 minutes.

For over 39 years Presidential Women’s Center has been providing compassionate, patient-centered care in a warm and supportive environment. We are committed to the highest standards in medical care. Our abortion clinic doctors are Board- Certified OB/GYNs with over 50 years combined experience.

What to Expect During a First Trimester Abortion

As soon as you walk through our doors you will be greeted by a kind, caring staff member.

You will have an ultrasound to determine the precise length of pregnancy, and then receive lab work. After your lab work is completed, you will have a confidential counseling session, and if you choose, family and friends are welcome to participate.

Our staff members are well trained to tailor each session to the specific needs of each patient. Your private session is designed as a time to exchange information and express any concerns or feelings you might be experiencing. You will have an opportunity to discuss any questions you have with the doctor.

Prior to the first trimester surgical abortion procedure, you will have your choice of sedation. We offer two options for sedation – twilight sedation and local anesthesia.

Twilight Sedation
This is a good option for those patients who want to be comfortable and relatively unaware of the procedure.

Local Anesthesia
The local option is for those patients looking for a very light administration of medication.

Afterwards, you will be brought into our recovery room where our nurses will care for you. At that time you will have something to eat and drink. A female family member or friend is welcome to be with you at this time. You will be given post-operative instructions, medications, and the birth control option of your choice.

How to Prepare for a First Trimester Abortion

Read this information to prepare yourself for your first trimester abortion procedure: Before Your Abortion

Patient Forms

To reduce the amount of time you will have to spend in our office, please PRINT and COMPLETE the Patient forms before your visit.

Financial Help

Generous abortion financing is available to assist with the cost of the procedure. We also offer free abortion consultations.

Enhanced Privacy

We recognize that for various reasons, some patients prefer a more enhanced private experience for their pregnancy termination.

Highest Standards

Our promise is to exceed your expectations by providing care tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in providing the support and understanding that you need during this very personal and private time.

Presidential Women’s Center is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) a national organization of independent abortion providers.

All of us at Presidential Women’s Center would like to thank you for placing your trust in us for your reproductive healthcare.

The Safety of Abortion

The Guttmacher Institute is recognized in the U.S. and worldwide as a leader in women’s reproductive healthcare research. According to their  state facts about abortion they describe the safety of abortion.

  • A first-trimester abortion is one of the safest medical procedures, with minimal risk—less than 0.05%—of major complications that might need hospital care.
  • Abortions performed in the first trimester pose virtually no long-term risk of such problems as infertility, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or birth defect, and little or no risk of preterm or low-birth-weight deliveries.
  • Exhaustive reviews by panels convened by the U.S. and British governments have concluded that there is no association between abortion and breast cancer. There is also no indication that abortion is a risk factor for other cancers.
  • Leading experts have concluded that, among women who have an unplanned pregnancy, the risk of mental health problems is no greater if they have a single first-trimester abortion than if they carry the pregnancy to term.
  • Fifty-eight percent of abortion patients say they would have liked to have had their abortion earlier. Nearly 60% of women who experienced a delay in obtaining an abortion cite the time it took to make arrangements and raise money.
  • Teens are more likely than older women to delay having an abortion until after 15 weeks of pregnancy, when the medical risks associated with abortion are significantly higher.

Guttmacher: |


“Everyone was caring and understanding and so helpful when I had questions.” – patient comment

Safe and Confidential Abortion Clinic in South Florida

Same-Day Appointments and Free Abortion Consultations Available

Abortion Pill up to 10 weeks…

The abortion pill is a good option for those patients seeking a private experience in the comfort of their own homes. Abortion by pill is available up to ten weeks from your last period. You will take one pill at our office and go home with another medication to use 24-48 hours later. Our patients overwhelmingly express satisfaction with their experience with the pill; many say it felt like a very comfortable and private process.

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First trimester abortion from 5 to 12 weeks…

A first trimester surgical abortion is a very safe, 3 to 10 minute procedure with TWO options for sedation – twilight sedation and local anesthesia. Twilight Sedation is a good option for those patients who want to be comfortable and relatively unaware of the procedure. Local Anesthesia is for those patients looking for a very light administration of medication.

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Second trimester abortion from 16 to 24 weeks…

A second trimester surgical abortion is very safe with Twilight Sedation. If you are between 17-24 weeks of pregnancy we offer a 2-day procedure. During the first day of the procedure, we take your medical history, discuss your procedure and after-care, and prepare for overnight dilation of your cervix. On the 2nd day your surgical abortion procedure will be completed.

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Fetal abnormalities up to 23 weeks…

Whether due to genetic and fetal anomalies, or a medical condition that makes it dangerous for you to carry full term, our Center offers a specialized program for those patients facing the disheartening situation of a planned pregnancy with fetal indication (abnormalities). Our compassionate staff and physicians are committed to ensuring that you receive the medical care, and emotional support you need and deserve.

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Private Abortion Available…

If a more private experience for your abortion will make you more comfortable both physically and emotionally we can accommodate your needs. We offer several PRIVATE abortion options with private appointments; a separate entrance/exit to our center; a private waiting and recovery room for your family or friends. You may schedule an appointment before or after regular business hours.

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Over 39 Years of Experience

providing the highest quality abortion and reproductive healthcare in South Florida
  • Warm & Supportive

    Our Center is warm and inviting with every consideration for your PRIVACY and COMFORT. Our promise is to provide the SUPPORT and UNDERSTANDING that you need during this very personal and private time. We know that each patient has unique needs and we look forward to providing the personalized attention that you deserve.

  • Outstanding
    Medical Care

    Our private, STATE-OF-THE-ART CENTER is unparalleled in South Florida. With nearly FOUR DECADES of experience and skill, our Physicians, nurses, counselors and staff are dedicated to ensuring that you receive confidential services with respect and dignity. Our pledge to our patients is to provide the HIGHEST STANDARD of medical care.

  • Generous
    Financial Help

    We are committed to helping you access generous financial assistance! We offer free abortion consultations. We use MULTIPLE RESOURCES to ensure that financial difficulties will not be an obstacle to you receiving the very best care. CALL TODAY to speak to a phone counselor who will complete a quick and easy application and let you KNOW IMMEDIATELY the amount you will receive.

  • The Difference
    is Evident

    We offer more options for financial assistance, SHORTER WAIT times, and the most experienced, highly SKILLED STAFF who are devoted to exceeding your expectations. We're proud to serve patients who travel from Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ft. Myers / Naples, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, and the Caribbean Islands.


What Our Patients Say…

I am genuinely impressed with the level of care and compassion that my wife was given at this facility. I never felt at any moment that my wife was alone. There was always someone holding her hand if I was not by her side. Makes the situation a little bit easier knowing we are not just some number but an actual person. Thank you.

- patient comment

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the wonderful staff at Presidential Women’s Center for being so warm and supportive during such a sensitive time.

- patient comment

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