Looking for Effective, Permanent Birth Control

Tubal ligation is a great option for permanent birth control if you’re looking for effective, permanent birth control.

The procedure itself lasts less than ten minutes. At Presidential Women’s Center we use moderate sedation so you are sleepy and comfortable during the procedure.

Worried about taking time out from your busy schedule? Having a tubal ligation with us means no hospital stay required! You can be back in your own home the same day. While we recommend you relax the day of the procedure, many patients find they are able to return to most normal activities within a few short days.

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Here is feedback from a recent patient:

“I had my tubal ligation done last Thursday and I just wanted to extend my thanks. I was a little sore but from the incision site more than anything. I have very little discomfort in comparison to what I read I might have expected post-op which leads me to believe that I was in good hands and that the operating staff did the best they could to ensure I am comfortable while I am healing. Again, I extend my thanks. I feel liberated. Now I can have fun in intimacy with my husband and I can focus on providing for my daughter without the worry of having to split provisions amongst multiple kids. I appreciate your services overall and I am glad that they exist. I know that you all stick your necks out to offer choices to women like me. A hundred times thanks.”

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