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Our Philosophy

Presidential Women’s Center creates an atmosphere of respect and understanding while providing quality care for women who are seeking abortion services.

After over thirty-seven years of caring for women at the center, we have learned from our patients that they know themselves best and they assist us in understanding their own individual needs.

We not only respect all women’s choices; we also know that women’s needs are unique and that individualized care needs to be available for each woman. Using a team-oriented approach with a staff that is warm, kind, compassionate and respectful, we provide comprehensive care to address all the needs of our patients.

We believe it is important for our healthcare team to work together with our patients to insure that their experience with us is a positive one.
Our philosophy is patient-oriented and proactive. We recognize the importance of being flexible for each patient within the guidelines and parameters of excellent medical protocols and policies. Our philosophy is underscored by the recognition of the need to treat each woman with kindness and understanding.

Confidentiality is paramount to providing quality care to our patients. We recognize that we must respect the confidentiality of all our patients and their individual situation. Respect for our patients’ privacy continues to be of utmost importance to each of us at Presidential Women’s Center.

Presidential Women’s Center is strongly committed to excellence and quality care. Over the many years we have been privileged to serve our patients, we have been rewarded with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Another very important component of our philosophy is being honest with our patients. We believe that our patients are entitled to have all information they need in order to make an informed decision.

We are happy to answer all questions, including those concerning our licenses, sterilization processes or medical protocols.

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