At Presidential Women’s Center we take pride in the quality of services and care that we provide our patients.

In return so many wonderful patients show their appreciation by sending personal note cards, text messages, and posting on our social media accounts.  ~ Thank you to all of them!



“I am genuinely impressed with the level of care and compassion that my wife was given at this facility. I never felt at any moment that my wife was alone. There was always someone holding her hand if I was not by her side. Makes the situation a little bit easier knowing we are not just some number but an actual person. Thank you.”

“The counselor who made my appointment was very helpful and kind. She helped me with financial assistance so I felt less less stressed about how I was going to pay for my procedure.”

“My wife and I were referred to Presidential Women’s Center by our doctor. I am so glad to have a place that was so kind and sensitive to our situation. The Physicians were exceptionally kind and highly skilled. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in our situation.”

“My experience was better than I expected. Thank you for your kindness and care.”

We had struggled a lot financially and when we had a house and an opportunity to have another child we were ecstatic at the opportunity. Everything was fine at first but when we had the first ultrasound, things were a little off with some of the measurements, but we decided to soldier on and hope for the best.  We were prepared for a child with some problems but then we had the genetic testing done and it revealed there was a problem with the 15th chromosome. There were several problems with the lungs and diaphragm, and the further the child developed the worse the outlook became. In the interest of preserving my wife’s health and because the chances of the child being born normally decreased as time went on we waited and hoped and prayed that everything would be fine, but it was not. We held on and let the little heart beat as long as we could before it could feel any pain. The care providers at the high-risk care were excellent but at this roll of the dice, life netted us sadness and loss. I am thankful for the services that were provided and that my wife didn’t have to risk her life to end a pregnancy that would have likely have been dangerous to carry to term. I appreciated every one of the care providers who spent time and supported me emotionally and physically.”

“Wonderful experience given the circumstances”

“It was great, especially my counselor”

“It was a good experience under my unfortunate circumstances”

“Better than I expected, I feel so welcomed”

“It was good, I was very informed after meeting with staff”

“My experience has been absolutely wonderful. The staff was incredibly attentive and kind”

“You guys made me feel great. Keep up the good work”

“Everything was great, the staff is super helpful and very attentive”

“Muy buena experiencia, excelente servicio de parte de todas las personas que me asistieron”

“Excellent. Extremely friendly, helpful and considerate!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the wonderful staff at Presidential Women’s Center for being so warm and supportive during such a sensitive time.”

“From the moment I called, I was treated with dignity and compassion. They took the time to answer my questions and allay my fears. When we reached the office, I had such a feeling of relief. This was a true medical facility. The staff was extremely professional and courteous.”

“Everyone—from the counseling to the nursing care, to the doctor—did everything in their power to make me feel comfortable, showed sensitivity and showed that they truly cared about me and what I was going through”

“This Center dealt with my family and our specific situation with the utmost dignity and respect. I am thankful there is a place like this to help all who are in need through one circumstance or another. Everyone we came into contact with genuinely cared about the quality of service they were providing. I can only hope that others in need are able to find a Center as good as this one.”

“Words cannot express my gratitude or my feelings of appreciation to all of you for the heartfelt care you provided to me and my husband during our time of need.  I can hardly imagine the endurance all of you have in providing the care that do to each and every women / family that walks through your doors.”

“Everyone there displayed true professionalism, sincere empathy, friendly support and a happy demeanor.  The facility being clean and cheerful was calming.”

“Your support was just what I needed to get through this situation.  Afterwards, I felt the biggest sense of relief without any regret.  You are wonderful at what you do and your compassion will always be remembered.”

“I do not remember much due to the medicine, but I do remember your tender nature and comforting words.  I will always remember your kindness with love and gratitude.”

“The entire staff was kind, informative, understanding, concerned, comforting, and caring.  Nothing was impersonal or cold.  My nurse was outstanding; she was so supportive during the procedure.”

“When I was in the Recovery Room – everyone had smiles on their faces, everyone who walked by asked how I was doing and if I needed anything; they even patted my feet, which was such a warm feeling.”