Scheduling an Abortion Appointment

How quickly can I get an appointment for an abortion at Presidential Women’s Center?


In many cases, we can schedule you for an appointment within 24 hours. When you call our center, you will speak to one of our phone counselors who will assist you with your appointment and immediately determine if you qualify for financial assistance. A caring and compassionate phone counselor will go over your medical history and review some information. We never have a waiting list and will always try to accommodate your schedule. We know that our patients have many responsibilities and a lot going on in their lives and we are proud that we are able to provide flexibility which recognizes and honors our patients’ needs.


If you need to contact us after hours, you can request an appointment via our website by clicking on “Request An Appointment” . After you have completed the short appointment request form, you will receive a phone call from a phone counselor in less than 24 hours. We value your time and the sensitive nature of your circumstances and will be able to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.