My experience here was amazing.

My experience here was amazing. Everyone that works there is super nice. The front desk girl was so patient even when I was closed off because I was scared. The inside looks different than the pictures, they’ve updated to more modern furniture. It’s very clean and professional. I came for a termination of pregnancy/ abortion. It went by quick (3 hours) sounds like a lot but it went by fast. Filled out paperwork, did an ultrasound. I was never left alone for more than 5 min. Once I was given the IV, the doctor came in and asked me a few questions and from then I don’t remember anything until I woke up in the recovery room. I was attended as soon as I woke up and was given crackers and ginger ale and my post op medication. They helped me get dressed and walked me to my ride. The best experience I’ve had. I was scared on feeling anything but I have no pain, minor cramping (4 hours later) like a period cramp but it’s normal they said.  DS