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Tubal Ligation with Abortion

For those women who feel that their families are complete our Center provides the option of having a termination of pregnancy and a tubal ligation at the same time. For women who are less than fourteen weeks in the pregnancy, a combined procedure is available.

The process includes a physical examination, ultrasound, lab work and a confidential counseling session. The patient is comfortably sedated while the procedure is performed and after a short recovery period here, is able to recuperate in the privacy of her own home. Our patients who have utilized this option appreciate being able to have their procedures on an outpatient basis rather than a hospital admission. Patients feel comfortable in our setting and get the individual attention that they deserve.

Presidential Women’s Center is a unique medical facility in that the Physicians, medical staff and counselors work together towards the goal of accommodating patients and their needs, whatever they may be.

For more information, please call our Center and ask for Ellyn, the Director of Counseling (561) 686-3859 or (800) 273-3047.