Over 40 Years of Exceptional Patient Care

Over 40 Years of Exceptional Patient Care

Exceeding your expectations in abortion care for the last 40 years. Please ask about financial help for the abortion pill or abortion procedure to 6 weeks.

Exceeding your expectations in abortion care for the last 40 years. Please ask about financial help for the abortion pill or abortion procedure to 6 weeks.

Our Abortion Services

Surgical Abortion.

Our abortion center offers surgical procedures for first trimester abortions up to 6 weeks from your last menstrual period (LMP). Our staff members are well trained to tailor each session to the specific needs of each patient.

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill enables patients to have a private experience in the comfort of their own homes. Choosing the pill, helps to minimize your time in a medical setting.  Abortion by pill is available up to 6 weeks from your last menstrual period.

What Our Patients Say...

"I visited this center on sad circumstances. I had a wanted pregnancy, but our anatomy scan showed severe congenital defects. My partner and I made the hard decision to terminate at that time. This was the hardest experience of my life. I was referred here by my perinatologist and my obstetrician. The staff and doctor were amazing. They made the visit (over a 3-day period) as good as it could be. I was very scared and nervous about everything on top of being super, super emotional about it all. I never thought in my whole life I would ever need to visit an abortion clinic."

- L.M. from West Palm Beach

"I live almost two hours away and got lost driving, I called to reschedule even though I didn’t want to make this drive a second time, so they took me late which I really, really appreciated. The moment I got there everyone was very professional and sweet. I’ve honestly never felt so comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, if that makes sense! I was expecting judgement, trying to change my mind or something, but they were 100% judgement free and caring! If I could give more stars I would!"

- B.K. from Orlando


Exceptional Abortion Care in West Palm Beach

For more than 40 years, Presidential Women’s Center has been providing exceptional care to women who need information and assistance with abortion services. Our abortion clinic in West Palm Beach is grounded in the belief that you know your own body and your situation best, and we’re simply here to support you in the decision that is right for you.

We have a highly qualified team of medical professionals, including board-certified OB/GYN physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and counselors to help you understand the options available and create a personalized care plan that addresses your unique needs. We strongly believe that every woman considering a medical abortion deserves respect, kindness, and confidentiality.

Presidential Women’s Center has a wide range of abortion services and options available. We provide a range of abortion options, including:

  • Non-surgical abortion pills
  • First trimester abortions
  • Second trimester abortions (In accordance with Florida's listed Exceptions to the 6-week Abortion ban).
  • Abortions when a fetal indication (sometimes called a fetal abnormality or anomaly) is detected

We are committed to respecting your decisions and supporting you through both the physical and emotional challenges of all types of abortion, with care tailored to your specific needs. Our Center is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) and a member of the Abortion Care Network. Request an appointment if you need exceptional abortion care or an OB/GYN physician in West Palm Beach.

Generous Financial Help

At Presidential Women’s Center our patients can count on us for financial assistance for an abortion.