Make a difference every day! For over 40 years Presidential Women’s Center has been deeply committed to providing care in a patient-centered environment. As an Independent Abortion Provider, we have the unique ability to create a culture within our Center based on the principles of kindness, support, education, and compassion. We recognize that our staff is crucial in our ability to maintain the level of care our patients deserve and expect. We strive to continually meet our patient's medical and emotional needs while providing safe, confidential, abortion services. Our services include outpatient abortion services to 6 weeks, both surgical and non-surgical abortions,  outpatient bilateral tubal ligations for women, and pregnancy options counseling. We provide a safe, supportive environment for our patients and expect that our staff embodies the same values and philosophy as our mission.


Our commitment to our work comes from the knowledge that access to reproductive healthcare can open up so many options for women and is deeply important to women’s equality in every other realm of their lives.  Presidential Women’s Center was founded because of the firm belief that the right to safe, accessible abortion care is fundamental to women’s basic human rights and their future. We know that each woman must decide for herself when and if it is the right time to become a parent. We invite you to become engaged in this important movement for equality and justice.


Our motto, “Women Helping Women”, is a value that guides everything we do. Many of our employees have also been patients of our center and approach their work with a deep understanding of the need for personalized care with sensitivity and compassion. In fact, many of our staff have been with us for over 20 years! We are proud of our commitment to mentor our staff, who over the years have continued their education, becoming Physicians, Attorneys, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, as well as earning advanced degrees in Women’s Studies and Healthcare Management. It has been inspiring to know that our supportive work environment, along with their dedication to self-empowerment, fostered this growth, personal and professional development.

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For more information on a career in reproductive healthcare or if you are interested in working with our team please send your resume to and we will gladly keep your resume on file. 

We are a well-established Women’s Center that provides abortion care. We are recognized by the National Abortion Federation’s award for being an outstanding Center and have a reputation of excellence for over 40 years in Palm Beach County, Florida.

We specialize in outpatient abortion services to 6 weeks. We offer our patients both surgical and non-surgical abortions. We also provide outpatient bilateral tubal ligations for women, and pregnancy options counseling

Our Standard of Excellence

Our promise is to exceed your expectations by providing the best care tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in providing the support and understanding that you need during this very personal and private time. Presidential Women’s Center is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) a national organization of independent abortion providers. All of us at Presidential Women’s Center would like to thank you for placing your trust in us for your reproductive healthcare.

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