Private Abortion Options

We recognize that for various reasons, some patients prefer to have private abortion options (more enhanced privacy) for their pregnancy termination. Over the years, many of our patients have commented that having private abortion options changed their entire experience, making them more comfortable both physically and emotionally. If you desire a more private setting, our abortion center can accommodate you by offering a private waiting and recovery room for family or friends. We offer several options for private appointments. Please call our office to discuss your individual needs at (561) 686-3859.

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Private Area

You can choose to have an enhanced private abortion during regular hours with the accommodation of entering Our Center through a separate entrance and remaining in a private room for both the conultation and procedure visits. A staff member will escort you to the areas where your ultrasound and lab work will be performed. After the procedure, you will be in a shared recovery area with other patients. Patients who choose this private abortion arrangement appreciate the availability of more anonimity.

Private Abortion Options Offered After Hours

The other option is to reserve the entire Center before or after our regular hours with a limited number of staff. The Physician, counselor, and nurse will be available to meet all of your needs and provide you with a safe and personal procedure.

Please indicate your preference to the staff member making your appointment, and she will be happy to coordinate the arrangements. In offering these private abortion options for a nominal fee, we are able to continue to provide a wide range of choices for women in a manner that is most comfortable for them.

Because we understand the importance of confidentiality for each of our patients, we are certain we can meet any special needs for privacy. Presidential Women’s Center is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care in a warm and respectful environment. Please call us today to discuss your unique needs at (561) 686-3859


Our Standard of Excellence

Our promise is to exceed your expectations by providing the best care tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in providing the support and understanding that you need during this very personal and private time. Presidential Women’s Center is accredited by the National Abortion Federation (NAF) a national organization of independent abortion providers. All of us at Presidential Women’s Center would like to thank you for placing your trust in us for your reproductive healthcare.

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