Patient Reviews

At Presidential Women’s Center we take pride in the quality of services and care that we provide our patients. 


We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the personal note cards, text messages, and posting on our social media accounts that we have received from patients.

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  • Ellen and the rest of the staff at this facility are angels on Earth. Ellen loterally took me by the hand and comforted me throughout my process. Not to mention that they accommodated me immensely by squeezing what should have been a 3 day process into a 1 day event. They made the best of the worst situation for me and I will forever be grateful for each and every person in this building. BL
  • Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. My visit from start to finish was handled with respect and care, the women who work here make you feel warm and welcomed like a friend. Thankful for everything they do here. 10/10.  NG

  • the service was excellent as well as the treatment of my person. I came for surgery and had a panic attack; everyone was wonderful, they comforted me and helped me control myself, without a doubt it is a place that I recommend 100%.  FM

  • The staff is amazing here ! They made me feel so much better. I was referred here by my high risk doctor after finding out my baby had a lot of abnormalities at 21 weeks pregnant. I made an appointment here and stayed at a hotel near by because I live 2 hours away and it’s a 3 day long process. The stuff all understood and took extra care of me because of my situation. They even got the foot and hand prints of my baby, including a memory box. This place takes good care of you. I was in so much pain before my abortion and the nurse massaged my feet!! They helped me get through the worst day of my life.  CW

  • My experience with this clinic was so incredibly comforting. It was the best way to go about a not-so-great situation. They decorated every single room beautifully and really try to make you as comfortable as possible. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Ellen, a counselor, was so amazing. She went above and beyond to make sure I felt okay and taken care of. I’m hoping I don’t need their services again, but if I do, I will absolutely be coming back, and most certainly be referring them to anyone I know who needs them. KDV

  • This place made my experience so much better. I was really in a bad space and they made it easy as possible. The nurse with the dreads helped me out so much. I am forever grateful for her. This place has an excellent staff. This might be a hard decision for you but you will leave there feeling like you did the right thing whatever you decide. 1 million stars!!  EE

  • I don’t even know where to start. From the very first lady I spoke to on the phone to the lady in recovery throughout the entire process every single person here was nothing but amazing. Before we came here we almost went to planned Parenthood but they were so rude and unhelpful that I just had a bad feeling about it and then I found this place and it was nothing but amazing and more affordable!!! Worth the drive. I can’t thank them enough for everything. They will make this very difficult process so much easier for you. They are all just absolutely amazing!  Amanda

  • Staff was great . Made me feel very comfortable the whole entire visiting if u ever need anyone in a situation you are In highly recommended ❤️ They are awesome . No matter the situation.  TH

  • Everyone is beyond kind and sweet! From the time you talk to the women on the phone all the way through to the end! Each person cares about you and wants the best outcome for you. I would highly recommend this place!  SG

  • Professional, affordable, private. Clean, new, calm atmosphere. No judgmental look, everything with the respect and understanding. They give an option to the patients : pill or surgical procedure. I had a surgical procedure with sedation. No pain or any discomfort. They also do lab tests right there to make sure everything is ok with you before you do what you have to do. After my procedure I was taken to a recovery room where I received snacks and a small bag with proper medications, lollipops and thank you support card, very thoughtful! In the end nurse helped me to get dressed and get to the car where my spouse was waiting for me to pick up. I don’t think you can bring your partner or whomever in for support but it shouldn’t make you scared, the doctors will be there by your side the whole time, you will feel comfortable.  V.S. 
  • La calificacion maxima es solo de 5 estrellas si me dejara poner todas las que ellos llevan les daba un millon de estrellas por ser un lugar tan especial para mi.. nunca me igmagine tener que ir y apesar de todo mi problema y mi dolor fue una experiencia unica. No tengo palabras para expresar la atencion,el amor ,la dedicacion y el apollo tan grande que me dieron todas las personas de la clinica. Son personas muy profecionales con mucha dedicacion por su trabajo muy atentos y ese amor y apoyo que te dan fuerzas para soportar tu dolor. Todas mis bendiciones para la señorita Silvana para Erika q fueron tan buenas y cariñosas conmigo a Kristal. Es q a todasss in ecepcion de nadie . Es una clinica marabillosa. La recomiendo 100%.  Todo el amor y la profecionalidad de este mundo se resume ante ellos. Excelente lugar y mil gracias a todos!

  • Very kind staff makes you feel at home and cared for. Super clean clinic and fast process. I very much recommend this clinic.


  • I’m writing this review with my daughter *********. 😊 I wanted to write this review for Presidential Women’s Center.  I give them a 10/10. because they took such great of her. Thank you so much!!  Xoxo she’s great!! Forever grateful😍


  • Compassionate, caring and exceptional service. The staff makes you feel like a human being, and not a number. Your questions and opinions matter, and they make sure you know that. This is a place where you can feel safe, protected and cared for. I am so thankful that a place like this exists. Call them today, they are knowledgeable and pleasant, patient and extremely caring, they will for sure answer all your doubts and help you get the care you need. There is no judgement, only love and respect for women’s health in whatever capacity that means to you.


  • The staff are very empathetic and caring. At first I chose planned parenthood to help me with my untimely procedure but I’m so thankful I stumbled upon this amazing place from google. They are very professional and makes you not feel alone. The energy and atmosphere is amazing! ❤️🙏🏾


  • OMG! Where do I begin? Well, let me first start of by saying that I WISH there were more places run like this place. EVERYONE there  made me feel safe and comfortable all the way through my procedure and they were so kind to me. Anyone contemplating or debating going somewhere else DO NOT; you will not regret it. Presidential Women’s Center is the BEST bar none out there. I am so grateful and feel so good after going to them. Wish I can give them a 10 star rating…THANK YOU PWC!!! LM

  • My experience here was amazing. Everyone that works there is super nice. The front desk girl was so patient even when I was closed off because I was scared. The inside looks different than the pictures, they’ve updated to more modern furniture. It’s very clean and professional. I came for a termination of pregnancy/ abortion. It went by quick (3 hours) sounds like a lot but it went by fast. Filled out paperwork, did an ultrasound. I was never left alone for more than 5 min. Once I was given the IV, the doctor came in and asked me a few questions and from then I don’t remember anything until I woke up in the recovery room. I was attended as soon as I woke up and was given crackers and ginger ale and my post op medication. They helped me get dressed and walked me to my ride. The best experience I’ve had. I was scared on feeling anything but I have no pain, minor cramping (4 hours later) like a period cramp but it’s normal they said.  DS

  • I first made an appointment for Aastra’s women’s clinic.. I never even made it inside because that place looked horrible. The protesters that were outside informed me the doctor had killed a patient due to negligence and I immediately went home and made an appointment with the presidential women’s center. Best decision ever. The office is clean, up to date, inviting and very private. There’s even a security officer outside the door. Every staff member is kind, caring and understanding. I’ve only received helpful and positive attitudes even when we spoke on the phone. The wait time was relatively short for me and they’ve made the process quick and painless during such and uncomfortable situation. I highly recommend this place to any female for any issues, check ups or anything related to our reproductive system. I won’t go anywhere else now that I’ve been here. CM

    1. Everyone was so warm and friendly and put me at ease. It was the best healthcare experience I ever had.  I was so scared coming in, but the entire staff and doctor at PWC were incredibly warm, kind and put me at ease.  I am forever grateful!
  • This clinic and the entire staff from the moment that you call them until far after your procedure are 200% loving, respectful, supportive and extremely professional. I wish there were more stars available to rate. I drove 2 and half hours to be evaluated and treated and it was worth every second of it. Thank you ladies your work ethics, compassion and dedication is greatly and sincerely appreciated. May all the blessings of life rain on each and everyone of you. Thank you 💛🙏#1

  • I can’t even begin to explain how much I recommend this lovely business with such a beautiful staff. I am what you could probably say a nurse and doctors worst nightmare. I have a MAJOR blood and needle phobia (cue hyperventilating over even getting my blood pressure taken) so any sort of doctor visit is usually terrrrible for me. Everyone was so amazing though with helping me through it all, never made me feel childish or like I was over reacting, just tried to comfort and distract me the whole time. Thank you lovelies for dealing with me, and making it as best of an experience as it could be for me.

  • They were very professional and helpful and understanding they even get me financial help!

  • Amazing staff! Very welcoming, comforting! Outstanding people. Couldn’t be happier the way my girlfriend and I were treated! Thank you so much!

  • I was a patient here this week for the first time. I can truly say the Nurses and Doctors offered professional and great support throughout. I thank God for providing the workers of Presidential Women Care with the assistance when I needed it most.

  • This place is truly a dream. Truly…each and every single person working there is absolutely wonderful.

  • “When I called Presidential Women’s Center to inquire about having either the Pill or surgery, I was beyond impressed with the knowledge base of the staff and their ability to address all my questions. With the information they provided, the research I did on my own, and talking things through with the staff again, I decided the best option for me was the Pill. I had a very good experience using the Pill and the staff even called me the next day to see how I was doing. Because they had taken the time to make certain that I was well prepared, the process was even better than I imagined. My fear of surgery was alleviated with the Pill option, allowing me to have this experience in the privacy of my own home. I will always feel a great sense of gratitude and warmth towards the entire staff of Presidential and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Center.” – G.N. from Boynton Beach

  • “I chose to use the pill to have this abortion. I had spoken to many other facilities and Presidential was the only one that took the time I needed to answer my many questions. They helped me feel confident that the pill was the right decision for me. Every staff member, to include the most caring physician, gave me the opportunity to fully understand all that would be involved and I appreciated their honesty and the fact that they actually took the many stresses that were happening in my life into consideration. I felt valued, I felt validated, I felt cared about, I felt respected but most of all I felt reassured that they would be there for me for whatever I needed.”
    L.F. from Lake Worth

  • “My experience at Presidential Women’s Center was unparalleled to any other medical care I have received in my life. The entire female staff really listened to all my questions and concerns with their heads and their hearts. After the procedure, I literally saw the warmth in their eyes, the smiles on their faces (I could tell even though everybody was wearing masks!), and the virtual hugs that I know were meant for me.” – L.M. from Wellington

  • “This Center sets the standard for exceptional patient care. The staff and the physician went over and beyond to give me all that I needed during a time when I was scared but certain that having an abortion was my best option. The entire staff provided kindness and warmth and went out of their way to help me obtain generous financial assistance (which was a necessity for me at this stressful and difficult time). I will always be appreciative of their compassionate care and if there is a time I can help someone else as they helped me, I hope to be able to do so.” – F.R. from Tampa

  • “I just had the best experience here at Presidential Women’s Center. I’m so grateful that a special and beautiful place like this exists for the many women who need this care. I will recommend Presidential to every woman who needs to access these services because they gave me the most attentive, supportive, and medically excellent care of any place I’ve ever been.” – A.H. from Miami

  • “Since having my procedure, I have recommended the Center to every woman I know!”

  • “From the moment I called, I was treated with dignity and compassion. They took the time to answer my questions and allay my fears. When we reached the office, I had such a feeling of relief. This was a true medical facility. The staff was extremely professional and courteous.”

  • “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the wonderful staff at Presidential Women’s Center for being so warm and supportive during such a sensitive time.”

  • “Every member of the staff was incredibly friendly. Unconditionally unjudgmental and made the entire situation/procedure much more manageable.”

  • “Muy buena experiencia, excelente servicio de parte de todas las personas que me asistieron”

  • “Counselor provided all information, listened to my concerns and answered patiently. Counselor discussed several payment options including financial assistance.”

  • “My experience has been absolutely wonderful. The staff was incredibly attentive and kind”

  • “I really love how the staff treats the patients here. My counselor was so sweet and she reassured me every step of the procedure.”

  • “I had an amazing, empowering, comfortable experience.”

  • “My wife and I were referred to Presidential Women’s Center by our doctor. I am so glad to have a place that was so kind and sensitive to our situation. The Physicians were exceptionally kind and highly skilled. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in our situation.”

  • “Awesome. Everyone is so chill and calming despite my anxiousness. Your place is perfect.”

  • “I am genuinely impressed with the level of care and compassion that my wife was given at this facility. I never felt at any moment that my wife was alone. There was always someone holding her hand if I was not by her side. Makes the situation a little bit easier knowing we are not just some number but an actual person. Thank you.”