About Us

Presidential Women’s Center creates an atmosphere of respect and understanding while providing quality care for women who are seeking abortion services.

After caring for women at the center for over 40 years, we have learned from our PATIENTS that they KNOW THEMSELVES BEST and they assist us in understanding their own individual needs and expectations.

We not only respect all women’s CHOICES; we also know that women’s needs are unique and that individualized care needs to be available for each woman.

Our Staff

We have a dedicated, compassionate, and talented team of professionals. Our staff – many having been with us for over twenty years, are distinguished in their knowledge, sensitivity, and ability to provide quality care in abortion services.

Our exceptional team includes highly-trained, Board Certified OB/GYN Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, certified social workers, and counselors who are committed to providing care in an environment of warmth and dignity.

Each of our staff members participate in on-going training programs so that we can maintain our exceptional reputation as a leader in providing reproductive health services.

Through our certifying organization, the National Abortion Federation, we attend professional education workshops at least twice per year to advance and enhance our learning, refine our techniques, and provide the highest quality patient experience at our Center.

Group of multi racial women medical professionals

Our Philosophy - What Makes Us Different

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional care for women who are seeking abortion services in an atmosphere of support, dignity and sensitivity. We know that women’s needs are unique and we are committed to providing personalized care for our patients. At our Center, we offer several options for financial helpshorter wait timesflexible scheduling, and the most experienced Physicians and staff who will exceed your expectations for quality medical care.

Respect, kindness, and confidentiality are the cornerstones of the special relationships we share with all our patients and often with their family and friends as all. We are humbled by the trust that we receive from the women we meet and it is our privilege to be invited into their lives.

Our team of professionals is warm, compassionate and respectful. Our pledge is to provide the highest standards of abortion care based on advanced training and superior medical protocols.