What Does An Abortion Cost?

At Presidential Women’s Center, we know financial constraints should not limit a person’s ability to access abortion services. Many women are often concerned with the affordability of abortion and ask us, “which is less expensive, the procedure or the pill?” At our Center, the fee for an abortion can vary depending on factors related to a person’s medical history and the length of the pregnancy. The good news is that Presidential Women’s Center has the ability to meet patients where they are financially.

Presidential Women’s Center has access to several different funding sources that help patients who are struggling to afford an abortion. When a person calls to schedule an appointment at Presidential Women’s Center, our counselors will discuss funding and are able to do a quick screening to determine eligibility for financial assistance. We are proud to be able to help women who are experiencing financial constraints by accessing funding sources for them so that they can afford their abortion.

We will always advocate for our patients – every one deserves access to excellent health care!