If you have already had an abortion, you are not alone.

Many patients find that they need abortion care more than once in a lifetime. Consider this: ovulation (the release of an egg) happens nearly 400 times in a lifetime! That’s a lot of chances for a pregnancy to occur. It makes sense that having more than one abortion is a common experience. In fact, around half of people having an abortion have received abortion care in the past.

We also know that each woman’s needs are unique and each time a pregnancy occurs there are unique circumstances around it.  Maybe the timing is bad, a partner is not supportive, the patient already has children to raise (about 59% of patients are already mothers), health, work or financial issues to consider. A patient weighs many factors before coming to the decision to seek abortion care. And a lot of thought, consideration and work goes into finding the best option in the situation.

At Presidential Women’s Center, we know that it is an honor to be able to care for our patients. We trust and respect the decisions they make about their healthcare. This is true regardless of their past pregnancy experience. We know that our patients have a choice of abortion care providers and if she trusts us to return for care, it is because she had a positive experience. We are proud of our non-judgmental approach to patient care.

If you are interested in connecting with others who have had abortions, please visit, and These organizations are committed to honest conversations about patients’ experiences with abortion care.