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Second Trimester Abortion to 24 weeks

Our Board-Certified OB/GYN Physicians are well-trained and highly skilled experts in the field of second trimester abortion care. Many of our patients are referred to our Center by other Physicians in the area due to our long-standing reputation of being one of the few Centers in the South Florida area that provide this specialized abortion procedure.

Procedures from 13-16 weeks

For those patients between 13-16 weeks, our abortion procedure can be completed in one appointment.

This early second trimester procedure is a very safe procedure with anesthesia. For over 34 years we have provided compassionate, patient-centered care in a warm and supportive environment. We are committed to the highest standards in medical care. Our doctors are Board- Certified OB/GYNs with over 50 years combined experience.

What to Expect

As soon as you walk through our doors you will be greeted by a kind, caring staff member.

Your next step is to have an ultrasound to determine the precise length of pregnancy. You will then receive lab work. After your lab work is completed, you will have a confidential counseling session, and if you choose, family and friends are welcome to participate.

Our staff members are well trained to tailor each session to the specific needs of the patient. Your private session is designed as a time to exchange information and express any concerns or feelings you might be experiencing. You will also have an opportunity to discuss any questions you have with the doctor.

A medication is then administered which causes the cervix to become softer thus facilitating a safe procedure.

Prior to the surgical abortion procedure, you will have your choice of sedation. We offer two options for sedation – twilight sedation and local anesthesia.

Twilight Sedation: This is a good option for those patients who want to be comfortable and relatively unaware of the procedure.

Local Anesthesia: The local option is for those patients looking for a very light administration of medication.

The surgery is a very safe and simple procedure and lasts only a few minutes.

Afterward, you will be brought into our recovery room where our nurses will care for you. At that time you will have something to eat and drink. A female family member or friend is welcome to be with you at this time. You will be given post-operative instructions, medications, and the birth control option of your choice.


Procedures from 17-24 weeks (2-day procedure)

Our abortion procedures that are between 17-24 weeks are provided in a two-day appointment process. Our patient care is tailored to your individual needs. We encourage you to contact our office if you have any individual requests. With over 50 years combined experience, you can feel secure knowing you are in excellent hands.

First Office Visit:

When you arrive for your appointment you will be greeted by our Center Director. The first visit includes a detailed information session with our Director of Counseling to discuss the process of your two office visits.

Our staff will perform an ultrasound to determine the weeks of pregnancy and basic lab work.

The first day of your visit includes the insertion of osmotic dilators into the cervical canal that allows a gradual dilation of the cervix, which is safe and results in a simpler procedure the next day.

Our Center has a 24-hour telephone response system for patients if they have concerns through the night.

Second Office Visit:

When you come to our Center on the second day, you will be greeted by friendly, familiar faces who truly care about you. After having your vitals taken you’ll be given medication which causes the cervix to become softer thus facilitating a safe procedure.

Prior to the procedure you will have your choice of sedation. We offer twilight sedation during the second trimester procedure.

Twilight Sedation: This is a good option for those patients who want to be comfortable and relatively unaware of the procedure.

The second trimester abortion procedure is very safe and is completed in a few minutes.

Following the procedure, you are taken to a recovery room staffed by licensed nurses who will care for you. Before you leave you will receive post-operative instructions and medications.

Some patients may be experiencing an unforeseen fetal anomaly and are seeking a second trimester procedure based on unfortunate results presented by their own Physicians. We can accommodate any specialized needs, which includes cooperating with the referring physician for genetic testing. [Fetal Indication]

We respect that some patients value a more private setting and we can accommodate these patients by offering a private waiting and recovery room for family and friends.  [Private Abortion]

For more information, please call our Center and ask for Ellen, the Director of Counseling (561) 686-3859 or (800) 273-3047.