We Stand by Joe Biden

"Reproductive rights are a constitutional right. And, in fact, every woman should have that right." -Joe Biden, President-Elect

At Presidential Women’s Center, we are breathing a sigh of relief that the United States has
elected Joe Biden to be the next President. We stand by Joe Biden because he is committed to
protecting reproductive healthcare and the rights of women.

As reproductive healthcare advocates, we have been very concerned as we have seen
restrictions imposed on reproductive healthcare over the course of the last 4 years. One of the
many restrictions that the Trump administration imposed was a “global gag rule”. This “gag
rule” restricts health organizations around the world from receiving U.S. assistance if they
perform abortions or provide information about the procedure as a form of family planning. Joe
Biden plans to rescind the “global gag rule”.

In addition to the “global gag rule”, the Trump administration also imposed a “domestic gag rule”
that impacted reproductive health care here in the United States. The “domestic gag rule”
blocked federal family planning dollars from going to organizations that provide abortions. This
had a significant impact on women who have been unable to access birth control as a result of
the rule.

The 2020 election will have an impact on women for many years to come. We know that Joe
Biden will protect a woman’s right to choose and that he will reverse the damage to women’s
rights that the Trump administration has imposed. Presidential Women’s Center looks forward to
having a president who will protect access to the reproductive healthcare that women deserve.